From Off My List: Saluting All Second Moms



“Biology is the least of what makes someone a Mother”

                        -Oprah Winfrey

Mothers.  Undoubtedly the most wonderful of all wonderful things.  And hardly anybody has just one.  The doctor, nurse or midwife that helped bring you into this world was your very first “second mom”.  Soon after, your grandmother, your aunt, your godmother, your big sister were all busy becoming second moms to you.  As you grew up and made your way in the world, your best friend’s mom, your teacher, and eventually your partner/wife and mother-in-law also likely took on various aspects of the role.

Once we become mothers ourselves, we are grateful for all the second moms who help us raise our children:  day care providers, girl scout troop leaders, coaches and mentors. The slogan “it takes a village” is not just fluff, these days it really does describe exactly how our kids get raised.  I often wonder if my own daughter would be the considerate, kind and confident girl she is today without the influence of several exceptional second moms in her life.

Lucy & Grace

Lucy with Grace, her volleyball/basketball coach/second mom

Mothers seem to be the walking definition of selfless giving.  It’s not that others aren’t also able to do it, just that this kind of giving may not come quite as naturally to them as it does to Mom.  Showing moms how much we appreciate everything they do can sometimes be challenging.  This Mothers Day, why not show all the Second Moms in your or your child’s life that you are thinking of them?  Even your biological mom will be impressed- hey, she’ll probably even take credit for your thoughtfulness. Here’s a sweet way to do it using a personal touch with just a little bit of time and money.

What you’ll need:

  • Trader Joes Petite Bouquets, $3.99 each
  • box of Ball 24oz Spiral mason jars, four for $9.49 (Target)
  • clear Contact paper $5.99 (Target)
  • black and white bakers twine from Spun Sugar (15 yard bundle for $3.50)
  • single hole paper punch for $3.99 (Joann’s)
  • black & white photocopy of Happy Mothers Day tag cut outs (found online & printed at home)


Using this cute black and white tag, there’s no need for a color copier at home to create a pretty and professional looking Mother’s Day greeting.  To make the tags, cut each image out into a square shape. After cutting out the tags, cut out pieces of the clear contact paper into roughly the same square shape, setting aside 2 squares for each tag.


Place a square cut out of the black tag paper on top of the sticky side of one of the contact paper squares. Then, place the other square of contact paper sticky side down over both to seal in the tag.  Don’t worry about the edges matching or being all that symmetrical, because things will even up after you cut the black tag out.  Be sure however to secure the tag by placing it on a flat surface and rubbing the side of your fist over it to push out any air bubbles before cutting.


Once the image has been cut out, take the hand held hole puncher and cut out a hole for the black & white twine in the space indicated on the tag.  Run the twine through the tag and cut off enough twine to tie the tag with a bow onto the top of the mason jar.  Tie the tag and bow onto the jar and voila!  Your custom made flower vase is ready for water and the Trader Joe’s Petite Bouquet.


For around $8, you’ve just created an easy, pretty and colorful way to recognize all mothers in your life.  You can even do it for next to nothing, if you have your own blooming flower garden or mason jars lying around your kitchen to use instead.  So go ahead, put an unexpected smile on the face of those lovely ladies who care for others, including you and your family.

Happy Mothers Day to All!

©2017 Lisa Ihnken All Rights Reserved



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