From Off My List: Party Decorating Ideas

Spring is nature’s way of saying “Let’s party!”

– Robin Williams

There is nothing I love to do more in my spare time than to entertain in our home. In my wonderful circle of friends and family, there are so many March birthdays that throughout the month, I find myself dreaming up new ideas to celebrate. Deciding on the menu and mulling over appropriate theme ideas come first, but the next steps are when the real fun begins: selecting the accouterment that will set the stage for turning a routine gathering into an evening of fun.

This year, the unexpected discovery of a mini white cake stand sparked the idea for a multicolored Spring Birthday Dinner Party.  Spring gatherings naturally call for a table fresh with colors of the season.  For this particular indoor dinner, I was thrilled to find decorations that were colorful, different and super inexpensive. 

Spring Dinner Supplies 2017

So without further ado, here’s my shopping list for Spring Birthday Dinner Party decorating on the cheap, all items recently purchased at Target in the Bullseye section:

-Mini cake stands @ $1.00 each

-Mini party hats in 6 spring colors, $3.00 for 6

-Scalloped place cards edged in gold glitter, $1.00 for 6

-Gold adhesive letters @ $1.00 per page (for the place cards; I used 4 pages for 12 guests)

-One multicolored pack of 18 striped birthday candles @ $3.00

-One tube of paper confetti @ $1.00

-One tube of ten balloons @ $1.00

-Happy Birthday table banners, $1.00 each (I used 6 for 12 guests)

-Two dozen homemade cupcakes price out at around $2.00 per cupcake

Spring Dinner Place Setting 2017

Hard to believe, but I created 12 table place settings and only spent $59!!!  I first got to work by using the gold letters to lay out the names for the the place cards.  Then on the day of the dinner, I baked and frosted the cupcakes for my mini cake stands.  I set out the mini part hats on the right side, the cake stands on the left and strung the mini birthday banners around every other place setting.  In a finishing step, I sprinkled the paper confetti all around the table and arranged a few balloons. Almost done!  Just add blooming flowers, delicious edible garden delights and flourishing conversation for a Spring Birthday Dinner Party evening to remember through all seasons.

©2017 Lisa Ihnken All Rights Reserved


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