And the Oscar goes to…..


I’ll tell you this about the Oscars- they’re real”.

                                                        -William H. Macy

I attend an exclusive Academy Awards party every year- at my mother’s.  She is a lifelong cinema fan and veritable walking encyclopedia of movie facts and trivia.  The usual suspects annually flock to her house every February:  family, friends, neighbors- everyone looks forward to this event.  Guests bring their favorite finger foods (a sit down dinner detracts from being able to take in every minute of the show) to share at the elaborate buffet table.  Voter ballots are issued shortly after walking the red carpet-covered driveway into the party.  Guests are required to fill theirs out with their winning predictions for Best Actor, Actress, Picture etc. prior to the start of the broadcast, and submit it along with the requisite $5 entry fee into the final winner-take-all pot.

Since I like to bake, I usually bring an Oscars themed dessert item for the buffet table.  Because I’ve had to dream up impressive and delicious offerings several years in a row, I admit I am kind of starting to run thin on exciting and original ideas.  I decided to do a sugar cookie earlier this month, but was completely stumped on what to design.  Suddenly, I realize its two days and counting to show time. I drive to our locally owned baking supply store for inspiration and while chatting up the shop owner, ask for any ideas she might have for me.  “Well, I have a brand new Oscar shaped cookie cutter in my car right now that I can sell you, as I am not going to use it after all”.  WHAT – really??  I bought it on the spot and left the shop already feeling like a winner.

These cookies were super easy to make.  I made enough sugar cookie dough for 2 dozen cookies, cut out both Oscars and some star cookies to add to the mix, baked them and set aside to cool.  Once the cookies had cooled down about an hour later, I set them out on a dry cookie sheet and got out an edible gold bakers spray can I also bought at the supply store.  After shaking the can well, I sprayed the cookies:


The cookies were dry in 20 minutes.  I loved using this spray, it was super easy and less messy than traditional cookie icing- I would use it again on the right project.  I did make traditional icing to cover the star shaped cookies, I iced those and added them to my cookie tray.


The cookie Oscars are now ready to be presented to each guest at the party.   This way, everyone wins!

Cutters, edible spray paint and icing colors were purchased at Spun Sugar in Berkeley CA

©2017 Lisa Ihnken All Rights Reserved

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