From Off My List: Homemade Valentines

“The best thing to hold onto in life is each other.”

                                                    -Audrey Hepburn

One great way to warm up the cold dark days at the end of January is to start getting ready for every romantic’s favorite celebration, St. Valentines Day.  My favorite way to prepare is to get creative. I love to make my own valentines and bake delicious cookie gifts for my loved ones.

This year, I decided to go sparkly or go home.  I selected card stock, stickers, foil, sequins,  glitter and foil, paper and felt hearts & supplies.  Then I got out my paper cutter, glue stick, scissors and spray adhesive and got to work.


Spray adhesive is a great way to attach sequins to a card surface.  I designed sparkly cards 2 ways:  by first spraying glue and then spreading lots of sequins on heart shapes, and alternatively by spraying glue and then attaching sequins around card edges.  When making sequin hearts, do let the glue dry before attaching the heart to another card surface.  If you want sequins around the edges of your card, decorate the middle of your card first, and then save attaching the sequins as your last step.


I decorated my hearts with sequins and stickers, and then used a glue stick to attach the finished hearts to the front of my valentine cards.  The results are visual delights!

All supplies were purchased at Target, Paper Source and Michael’s.  Happy Valentines Day everyone!

©2017 Lisa Ihnken All Rights Reserved

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